Tong Ren Food - Quality you can trust!

About us

Tong Ren Food is a leading manufacturer and a major exporter of top quality Agriculture products. We are specialised in Sweet Paprika, Chilli, Garlic and Sun-dried Tomatos related products. 

We offer our customers the very best quality products at the lowest market prices possible.

Personalised service, top quality processing and sustainable farming. 

We help our customers with up to date market information and product expertise.

We are fully aware that our long term success is directly tied to the profitability of our customers. 

We Surpass the highest quality and safety standards in the world!

Our products are all made with natural, fresh ingredients that we source locally. Our friendly staff will help you find just the right product you want.

                    Tong Ren Food Inc.  1411 Harbor Way S, Richmond CA94804 Tel: 510-236-8888 Fax: 510-236-9888 email: