Paprika Products

Sweet Paprika Pods: 
Length: 10cm up 
Moisture:15%max( lower moisture available) 

ASTA: 120,140, 160, 180, 200, 220.

COLOR: Bright red

We can manufacture Paprika Powder (Fine, Corse and Crushed)

Or to your specific requirement. 

    Powder, ASTA160-220       Whole Paprika Pods               Fine Powder                 Crushed Paprika        Crushed Paprika with seed

Chilli Products

We have a whole range of Chilli products,

TianYing Chilli, Jinta Chilli, Yunnan Chilli, Yidu Chilli etc.

We only use Chilli from our own planting base or from our trusted suppliers to ensure that all the products are free from genetic modification. 

Please contact us with your specifications and we can give you more details on the products we have.

           Chao Tian Chilli              Tian Ying Chilli                     Yidu  Chilli                     Jinta Chilli                    Yunnan Chilli

Garlic Products


Thickness: 1.7mm 1.8mm 2.0mm 2.2mm 

Moisture: 6.0% Max, Grade: A, B and C

Granule and Powder

8 - 16 mesh;16 - 26 mesh; 

26 - 40 mesh; 40 - 60 mesh; 80-120 mesh 

Moisture: 6.0% Max.

We can provide the best quality of all garlic related products at a competitive price.

     Granule,  6-12 Mesh       Powder, 40-60 Mesh       Powder, 80-120Mesh         Flakes, Grade A                   Garlic Oil

Sun-Dried Tomato

INGREDIENTS: Tomatoes, Salt or Sulphur Dioxide.


Regular Sun Dried Tomato;

Salted version; salt 6-8%, moisture 18-23%    
SO2 version; SO2 2500-3500 ppm, moisture 18-23% 

We can provide our customers the best organic sun dried tomatoes in different cuts, different sizes, and in a variety of packaging styles.

Sun-Dried Tomato in Halves           Julienne                     Double Diced                    Finely Diced                       Powdered

We can manufacture and package our product according to customer specifications, national and international specifications. Please contact us to find out more information.